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Warning: This web site displays images of nudes. It's exclusively intended for the open minded and mature audience.


Featured on this Site are talented models universally represented with the “naked” in mind.  Each artist has been selected for their unique features and form and the photographer brings the piece to light.


Javi’s newest project is the innovative creation of Ultra Exposed photography.  He seeks to uncover the unseen and natural beauty of each of his clients. It’s never something he has already done but a unique experience through the lens. Our clients know what they look like but after seeing their prints they realize they are more beautiful than imagined. This form of art takes passion, patience and definitely creative skill. 

We are proud of our dynamic web site and we work closely to meet your demands and deliver maximum results.  We specialize in portraits, prints, framing, design, and marketing. Ultra Exposed is a company based out of Naples, FL but we market nationally and internationally.
We specialize in creative studio art and location assignment photography for personal, business, marketing and media clients. Here at Ultra Exposed we take the time to understand each client’s specific needs & push to create quality images that fill those demands.
We produce high end digital photography, scanning, digital retouching, image manipulation and digital prints. Press release photos, model portfolios, and web images and finished prints are available.

At Ultra Exposed each project, big or small, is as important to us as it is to you. We endeavor to produce each job on time, on target and within budget.
Ultra Exposed “Naked”

“My passion in life is to create, explore and bring to life the unnoticed  ways where beauty leaves you only with the gift of inspiration.”

-Javi Giovanni


  Visit Ultra-Exposed often as we continuously add images to our inventory